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THAT GOOD OL’ MOONSHINE! Once brewed only under the cover of darkness and the light of the moon, Moonshine has come a long way from being one of the most illicit liquors in the United States to winning the hearts of mixologists and craft distillers all over the country. Why? ‘Cause it’s a Helluva Drink! HERE’S A QUICK IDEA OF HOW TO PLAY MOONSHINE-OPOLY! Buy your favorite brews, increase your rent by collecting Shine Shops and trading them in for Distilleries. Sound easy? Well, add in the Revenuer, a broke down runner, and a bad batch or two and it gets a little more difficult and a lot more fun! GET YOUR SHINE ON! Choose your token and advance to GO HOOCH! You may soon be chosen “Moonshiner of the Region”or swiggin’ on your Rootin’-Tootin’ Rotgut. MOONSHINE MAY NOT BE THE ANSWERBUT IT’S WORTH A SHOT! Please Play Responsibly!


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